Police and rescue services searching for the missing plane carrying Cardiff City striker Emiliano Sala are yet to find ‘any trace’ of the aircraft.

BT Sport write that the flight left Nantes for Cardiff at 7.15pm on Monday evening, but lost contact with Jersey air traffic control after requesting to descend.

The 28-year-old signed for the Bluebirds in a club record £15m deal on Saturday, and was heading for the Welsh capital in order to start training on Tuesday.

The Argentine had previously posted a goodbye photo with his Nantes teammates on social media, and the press in his birth country have broadcast voice messages from the player saying he was aboard a plane that seemed like it was ‘falling to pieces’.

Harry Trump/Getty Images Sport

Three planes and a helicopter have been used in the search for the aircraft, with satellite imagery and mobile data also being reviewed.

The Police are working on the theory that the plane was able to land on water, and the occupants (Sala and pilot Dave Ibbotson) utilised the life raft to escape.

In a statement, chief officer of Channel Islands Air Search John Fitzgerald did not seem optimistic about the pair’s chances of survival.

He said:

I can’t see how anybody could survive in such temperatures for that length of time. Looking at the sea conditions today it’s very rough out there, there’s a good strong wind blowing, with sea conditions [that] are pretty horrendous.

Cardiff have also issued a statement, with chief executive Ken Choo saying everybody at the club is ‘shocked’ and ‘distressed’ about the situation.